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Salsa is a tasty and fun snack, yet remains low in calories and high in health benefits. Don Sabrosa's Gourmet Salsas have a heat level to suit any taste whether you like your salsa hot, medium or mild. Available in a medley of blueberries, peaches and honey known as Sweet with Heat and Sweet with Little Heat, Roasted Garlic, and Black Bean and Corn. Our salsas are all natural, low in sodium and gluten free, making snacking a little healthier.

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Who Benefits?

Good News! When you indulge in your favorite Don Sabrosa Salsa, you will be getting more than just a great taste. Our salsas are naturally fat-free, high in vitamins and minerals and made from the freshest ingredients.  Salsa's main ingredient is fresh tomatoes- a high fiber vegetable that's rich in lycopene which has been studied to be a heart healthy, heart disease and prostate cancer preventative. Low in calories and high on taste, Don Sabrosa Salsas are a healthy snack alternative that tastes great too.


    • High in Antioxidants
    • Helps With Vision
    • Improves Neurological Functions
    • Prevents Cholesterol Build Up
    • Helps Urinary Track Health


    • Combats Cancer
    • Helps Prevent Strokes
    • Aids In Digestion
    • Helps Hemorrhoids
    • Boosts Immune System
    • High in Antioxidants







    • Man's Oldest Sweetener
    • High in Vitamins & Minerals
    • Contains Phytochemicals
    • Easily Digested
    • Excellent source of Antioxidants
    • Low Calorie Level
    • Supports Good Brain Function
    • Builds the Immune System


    • High in Lycopene for Prostate Health
    • High in Vitamin C
    • Helps prevent Cancer
    • Help prevent Heart Disease
    • High in Fiber
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